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This page and CableFriend application are still in beta and both will be finished 2017 December


SepeSoft is a small one-man company in Finland and it was founded by Sebastian Nousiainen in 2014. SepeSoft is not just a company with money and business but it is a lovely hobby with heart in it. All previously published applications SepeSoft has made for free and even now the newest application called "CableFriend" will be published for free. The only exception is that if CableFriend will be used commercially then it would be reasonable to pay some licence fee.

How did CableFriend come up? Well the explanation is quite simple. Sebastian (the founder) is an electrical engineer and his livelihood comes from that. So CableFriend idea born from the necessity of the electricity sector. Many applications that calculates electrical variables are too complex, high priced, unclear etc. CableFriend was programmed to be simple, fast, low priced, clear and above all be precise. CableFriend is easy to upgrade if standards or cable variables change in the future.

When Sebastian´s workday is over SepeSoft steps up. SepeSoft is specialized in computer and mobile applications and the first application was made for Android operating system but soon applications were made for any platform including Windows.


- Version 1.2 save, load, print options available (only PRO version)
- Version 1.3 more quicksave slots included
- Version 1.4 small graphical bug fixes. You can include your own company logo (only PRO version)
- Version 1.5 will be released 2017 Q4. SFS-6000 standard updated

Buy lifetime PRO licence 199€

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By clicking "Confirm" you accept licence terms. licence terms are written in instructions manual.

Personal information (E.g. email) is not shared or distributed to any 3rd party. Information is needed only to make invoice and contact if newer version of CableFriend is published.


Sebastian Nousiainen
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