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DOWNLOAD FREE DEMO-VERSION FREEDEMO CableFriend: Easy cable sizing application to PC. No need to install anything just a simple exe-file. If you are happy with the DEMO-version you can buy PRO-license. PRO-license has multiple useful extra features: - Save and load your calculations - Print your calculations - You are able to change cable or transformer impedance values - You are able to change reduction factors or cables current-carrying capacities - If you send your company logo it will replace Sepesoft logo - Sepesoft logo will be removed (even if you dont send your company logo) - Starting frame will be skipped. No need to wait extra seconds to start application - PRO-license will receive updates or upgrades faster than DEMO. PRO-license costs only 199€ (VAT not included)
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COMING SOON Electrical cable sizing calculator application. For professional usage. Can be used to calculate short circuits, voltage drops, cable sizing. Huge database with real resistances/reactances. Uses IEC 60364 standard values. Easy to use. Many other cable sizing calculators may be confusing or difficult to use but the aim of this application was user-friendly interface. Will be released free DEMO and pro versions.